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Appuccino Care Platform

2016 was all about TimeTracking, all of the sudden 3 clients needed solutions to track the time, their employees spend on projects. In Switzerland this has a legal background, it is now mandatory for employers to know the work hours of each of their workers.

together with we developed the following care solution for homecare professionals, that need to track their time spent in the car and with the patient, as well as note taking and vital parameters like blood pressure and weight.

the user plans his day in the normal iCloud calendar, this can also be done by a central planning person, that has access to the shared calenders of several employees.

when the user launches the WebApp the “MyDay” view shows the planned events from the calender. The User can now click on the Buttons to start/stop the time spent on the road and with the patient

notes can be taken about the session …

and the notes taken by collegues can be checked. This collaborative feature encouraged all users to refine their notes and communicate to the others important aspects about the patient

eventually, a cron job writes all the data to excel sheets, one sheet for the employee time tracking, and one for the patient time, which is linked to the billing module of the client.

if you are interested in the solution, please contact us.