Project Ideas

Coaching & Coding

Banana 9 / Smallinvoice
  • Kreditoren Sync
  • Debitoren Sync
Appuccino Care
  • Logging Care Time directly to Smallinvoice
  • Care Planning in Calendar iCloud
  • Customer Sync with Smallinvoice and iCloud
Time tracking in iCloud Calendars
  • Logging of Time in iCloud Calendars via Calendar GUI
  • Transfer of Calendar Events as Time spent on Projects
  • Notes on Calendar becomes Description in Smallinvoice
  • Trello Planning to iCloud Worklog
  • iCloud Work to WordPress for Billing
Woocommerce / Smallinvoice
  • Smallinvoice as a Payment Gateway for Woocommerce
  • Customer Login on Woocommerce shows Bills and Status
  • Customer Sync
  • Product / Services Sync
  • Recurring Bills / Payment Due sync to Calendar
Trello / Smallinvoice
  • Active / Inactive Projects as Trello Cards
  • Log Time when moving Cards
Pineapple Nano Graph Unity Book of Dead
GnuRadio HackRF Pocket Expedition Replay Bag