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Coaching & Coding – back to the future 2017

Last Year Alex of and rainbat teamed up with Nadine, the descendant daughter of one of the oldest wine shop dynasties in Zurich, Switzerland.

Nadine was slowly moving into the business of her father Rolf when one day she contacted rainbat (Dominique) asking for help in looking into the business processes of her dad.

we were amazed, the business still operated on a terminal based OpenVAX System, as they were common in the 1980’s. And they were efficient and operating pretty fast with keyboard shortcuts in a VT100 terminal emulation on a monochrome screen … WOW! time to get the C64 out of the closet again.

of course, many things were missing in the setup, like SQL reporting, identifying top 100 customers for mailings (BY SNAIL MAIL OF COURSE) – and mostly a tight integration with their online presence.

thats were rainbat came into play …

we organized a project with and to bring them into the year 2017. provided the know how to migrate all data from the old system into SelectLine, Ruud did a great job – meantime Nadine of reichmuth and rainbat built a first prototype of the new Woocommerce based webshop.

after a couple of month of prototyping, Alex teamed up with the project with clear ideas of usability and navigation in the new web experience for the user.

and what came out is probably the most beautiful wine shop experience ever since humans started fermenting grapes. the shop is an interweaved user experience between story (who makes the wine), menu recommendations (what to eat with the fancy bottle) and process (put it into the basket and pay).

the whole backend process, with replicating the SelectLine Pricing, Regions, Categories to the actual Order Information is completely automated in a Windows based PHP Script, that tightly works with MSSQL, MYSQL, and woocommerce in order to keep all information in sync across the intranet and web portal.

we wish all the best and are happy about every successful order coming in via the web.

(exploring a wine bottle picture with an online zoom tool amazed many customers, try it yourself)

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