rainbat solutions GmbH was founded in 2002 by Dominique Dümmler.

Dominique studied Neurobiology and Information Science at the University of Zürich and beginning with his Master Thesis got more and more into Programming, Modeling DataSets, Artifical Intelligence and the Internet.

With rainbat and his slogan “Coaching and Coding” he is always on the road consulting with small and large clients in Switzerland and Germany. His focus is always client-driven, finding the simplest solution to accomplish the goal or assisting/troubleshooting a project that got stuck for whatever reason.

The Company is primarily a one-man show, but over the time has partnered with many other small companies and Freelancers from Switzerland, and most recently with iFlair in India, developing the new Version of EvalTool in AngularJS.

For many years now rainbat is the main technology partner of pulsmesser, a consulting and tool provider in the swiss school market. Together they built tools helping the collaboration, documentation and reporting efforts of Teachers, primarily in the field of special-needs children.

Starting from 2 years ago, rainbat has gotten involved with the cyber security world and most recently (again) with Data Analysis, Python, Jupyter, Tensorflow and so on. So he hangs out on kaggle.com competing with the rest of the data analysis world.

When Dominique is not in front of the computer screen he is probably playing guitar with his musician friends. The Band Zabriskie is now working on their second album and they basically live inside Garageband, the Apple Music Software for recording music.